Business Consulting

What distinguishes us from other San Diego business consulting firms is we don’t simply assess and recommend. We actually guide our clients through processes that result in real, meaningful change and improved success.

LRI helps leaders achieve meaningful growth in their skills. Our coaches work directly and confidentially with our clients to leverage their strengths, address areas of growth, and make them a more effective manager and leader.

leadership development program
 strategic planning

Streamlined strategic planning enables organizations to focus quickly on highly desired outcomes and target strategies to achieve them. It’s not comprehensive; rather, it corrals leaders and trains them to focus on the most significant opportunities.

Using LRI’s Stairway to Performance, a business can focus more on outcomes and improve performance as a result. Our San Diego business consultants help our clients develop performance scorecards and dashboards tied to their strategic plans.

LRI helps boards of directors, city councils, and other governing bodies develop clear governance systems that clarify their role – and that of management. This helps ensure the smooth coordination and integration of activities in public agencies, private and public corporations, and non-profits.

Call 1-800-598-7662 to speak with a San Diego business consultant for a no obligation strategy session. LRI strategy consulting can help you move forward quickly & effectively.

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